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Bambi loves clouds

'White Fox' editorial in Freque Magazine.

'Not necessity, not desire - no, the love of power is the demon of men'- Friedrich Nietzsche.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so ungrateful in my life.

People that argue about how much more mentally ill they are versus someone else (for example: saying they don’t even know what depression/anxiety is, and/or stating that people that are less depressed/anxious than you are somehow doing it for popularity) is a very interesting concept for me, because i mean, you’re both in the same boat, wouldn’t you want someone to say ‘i know how it feels’? can’t you be happy for them that they are not where you are (yet)?

It doesn’t win you anything, you don’t get a ‘most mentally ill’ prize. You certaintly don’t win my respect, and you are just dismissing other peoples mental illnesses. If you were them, wouldn’t you feel hurt that other people aren’t taking your sadness/anxiety seriously? It makes it even worse when these people are supposed to understand what it’s like living with it.

If there was any group that should be the most understanding to people with anxiety/depression/other mental illnesses, it would be the mentally ill peers right?

Whenever I try to be more assertive and respond to situations in ways that actually let me defend myself, I somehow become the bad guy. It’s just hard, I mean I love people, and I don’t like the idea of people disliking me for reasons that aren’t truthful. I guess I can’t control how people react to what I do but it makes it harder for me to continue wanting to lead the life I want to lead when people keep on punishing me for it by abusing me.

I guess not everyone in the world is bound to like me or agree with me, but it’s hard when someone you’ve really loved and cared for takes something so personally and starts abusing you for something they don’t understand the truth of or motive for.

I don’t know. I guess it’s best just to leave things be, I can’t change the way people react to things, all I can really do is continue doing what I believe is right. I still love and care for my friend, that is unconditional, it’s just that I will do that from afar and leave them be and hope that whatever they choose to do goes towards happiness and the happiness of others.

Got another few photos back from Hex Photography for Razor Doll clothing.

It’s funny since at the moment it’s hella cold here in Perth, so seeing myself in a bikini makes me feel that much colder haha.

i tend to reblog cakes and stuff i can’t eat. it’s not like i want to eat them, because i’m actually not that big a fan of sweets, i just like what they look like.


Kae Bambi ( by Luke Milton (

MUA and Hair by Kae Bambi

Submitted by kaebambi

is me againnnnn

Custom latex and photography by Warped Photography

it really gets depressing when you hear body shaming rants from girls about other girls. GURL WE GOTTA (T)WERK TOGETHA.

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