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Bambi loves clouds

Found about 60+ beautiful almost perfect condition classic book collections at a garage sale. Literally crying <3 will show the whole collection once I find a place for them all!

Welcome to your new home Encyclopedia Britannia.

Fun shoot times with @tahlulabear :3 I felt like a weeping angel from dr who!

Shoving things in my hair for a shoot today with freckles fairy chest <3

Nail fun timeeee

Finally it has gone from beanie weather to hat weather <3

from the last Neko Nation <3 feat. @hearse_elf butt and @duckbutts


I told you I love drawing eyes ; u ;

Kae - 22. Sailor Senshi, resident catgirl, gamer, sometimes model, cloud watcher, k-pop enthusiast and lover of strawberries.

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